National Stream

Aurora Synchro National -- tentative
August 2016 to June 2017

Registration is open August 1, 2016

Training starts on August 22, 2016.

Please contact Jennifer Parker, the Aurora Synchro head coach at,  for more information. 


The Auroras' national stream is for experienced athletes who want to compete at a national level and specialize in synchronized swimming. The Edmonton Aurora Synchronized Swim Club is the only club in northern Alberta to offer Team training of synchronized swimming at the National level.  Athletes train all aspects of the sport in a team environment; improving their concept of commitment, respect, and team work.  The training at this level includes diving, tumbling, trampoline, yoga, pilates, weights, flexibility, stroke improvement, and of course synchro routine and figure skills. Athletes at this level also receive sport psychology, nutrition, and regular coaching from National Team and Olympic Team coaches.

Focused on pursuing excellence, national stream athletes compete at provincial and national competitions. At the final national championship many Aurora athletes have an opportunity to try out for provincial or national teams. In 2015, 2 members were placed on National teams, and one member on the Provincial Team.  National Stream athletes also qualify for Scholarships at some United States universities.

Age is determined as at the end of the year when the competitions are held. For 2016-17 the competitions occur in 2017, so age is calculated as at December 31, 2017.

Registered members of the club can read more details about National stream programs here.


The registration fee is fully refundable until August 31.

Pay no program dues or other fees until October 1.

Click here to start registration.

Registration with the Aurora Synchro club is for the synchro year, from September to August.

Registration is a multi-step process.

  • First you submit the registration form and pay the registration fee.
  • Then we approve it and send you log-in information.
  • Then you can sign in to the website. Some of the web pages are hidden to the public, visible only when you're signed in.
  • Once you're registered with the club, throughout the year you can sign up for other events and activities, mostly under the Events tab.


Please contact Jennifer Parker, the Aurora Synchro head coach,, or 780-439-7091, for more information.

If you're interested in moving from the Wildrose stream to the National stream, please contact the head coach regarding the transition.

Lots of our members carpool to the pool. We have members from all over the city and surrounding areas. Let us know if you're interested in car pooling, and we'll put you in touch.

Page updated August 9, 2016

Fees, commitments, schedules, and programs are subject to change.

Programs are dependent on coach availability and registrations.